dog education

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The education of your dog to become a good house and family dog will be adjusted to the individual needs and desires of each dog owner.

After the conclusion of your dogs`education by an experienced trainer of the school your dog will be well versed in all of the basic obedience exercises. Naturally we will also instruct you in the proper handling of your dog.

The education includes the following exercises:

bulletbasic obedience
bulletheeling on loose leash
bulletheeling without leash
bulletsit and stay sit
bulletdown and stay down
bulletcome on command

The program can be expanded to include the following:

bulletrunning next to a bicycle
bulletcorrection of unwanted behaviour
bulletto curb the hunting instinct

Special programs:

bulletpreparation for temperament test
bulletre-socialization of aggressive behaviour against other dogs or humans
bulletre-socialization of the shy dog

Duration: about 4 - 6 weeks (depending on program)

We also offer individual classes for dog owners who live in the immediate area.

For dog owners from out of the area who want to learn with their dog, please refer to our active vacation.